We say we around here a lot…


We decided as a group to start a firm that could answer the branding needs of an ever changing modern marketplace. 

Our foundation is less about formula and more about synthesis where ideas become the basis for storytelling and problem solving. We say we around here a lot because collaboration is fundamental to how we work at LAB. We own the business but we also do the work.  It’s our source versus outsourced. A one stop shop for many things creative.

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our process



LAB was born from the idea that exploring life is paramount to branding success. Everyday we’re after whats new, researching what’s next and never giving up seeking. Call us explorers, philosophers, dreamers or better yet, come along for a journey.


At LAB our branding efforts aren’t about creating pretty packages (thats just icing) but instead we build foundations for successful brands. To take it a step further we know that research doesn’t die …so we archive and activate our thinking as the need arises.





We start by digging. Ethnographers, psychologists, statisticians all on staff, all ready to discover places, people and things you’ve never even considered.


If smart is the foundation that inspires creative team, then the creatives are the fearless explorers pushing the limits on what’s possible.


Creative and research are only as good as the pull through. In every detail and around every corner the brand must be front, center and ready for her close up.





  • Qualitative Research

  • Quantitative Research

  • Market Assessment

  • Guest Profiling

  • Psychographic Analysis

  • Category Insights

  • Brand Positioning


  • Art Direction

  • F+B Pull-through

  • Menu Development

  • Beverage Development

  • Uniforms

  • Identity

  • Naming

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Copywriting

  • Experiential Touchpoints

  • Programming

  • Graphic Design

  • Logo Development

  • Collateral Design

  • Packaging

  • Environmental Graphics

  • Wayfinding + Signage

  • Styling


  • Brand Architecture

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Concept


  • PR Activation

  • Web Design

  • Advertising Consulting

  • Events Programming

  • Experience design

  • Photography Styling



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