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"When I'm putting a set together, I often have to buy everything that person bought in their whole life in three weeks," said Moran. "You're trying to represent all of those layers and history, and you have to buy it all at one time. You have to figure out what they would throw away, what they would keep."

-Kris Moran

CHeck her out in RACKED:

“Meet the woman behind stunning design…”


A Set Decorator’s Easy Summer Pizza (No Pizza Oven Required)

For LAB, collaboration goes far beyond our connection with what is considered to be a part of a traditional branding team. Our team consists of designers, actors, musicians and artists.

Case in point Kris Moran.

Kris Moran is an artist, designer, and set decorator for film and television who has collaborated with acclaimed directors and international brands.  Her vision in set decoration and props can be found in "While We're Young," "Moonrise Kingdom," "The Royal Tenenbaums" and many more award-winning films.  She applies her craft to live events, restaurant interiors and hotels which is how we became friends and collaborators.

We continue to work with Kris on a variety of kooky plans and wild ideas.

You can check Kris’ personal website here.