Welcome to the Lion’s Den


PROJECT: Whitehall Lane
SERVICES: Strategy, Branding, Graphics, Packaging

Italian history is rich with lions.

Family crests, flags and architecture traditionally depict lions to represent the prideful and strong attitude that Italians are known for. So when Napa Valley wine makers the Leonardini family (who’s name means “little lion” in Italian) began looking for a ferociously prideful label for their Napa Valley Winery, LAB creative director @mycrochet led the charge.

Michael worked with Jacqui Oakley a Canadian Illustrator who’s work has included editorial, advertising, and book projects for clients such as The New York Times, Reebok, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, National Geographic, and more.

Inspired by her paintings, the team sought to pay respect to the three generations of Leonardinis who have spent their life in dedication to wine. In honor of their family and craft, a new label with the name “Tre Leoni,” or “Three Lions.” The name is a testament to their fierce commitment to becoming kings of the wine world, an homage to the leadership and ingenuity of their parents and grandparents, an honor to the family pride.