Anderson Valley Brewing

AVBC Beer.jpg

PROJECT: Anderson Valley Brewing Company
LOCATION: Boonville, CA
SERVICES: Strategy, Graphics

Bahl Hornin' means Good Drinkin'. 

Northern California was once primarily known as wine country. But in the early 2000’s the area began its third act as a beer mecca. Driving north from Sonoma into Mendocino County, you can feel the shift into what feels like another state, or another world—one with fewer people, ancient redwoods and a general hush. This relaxed and less fancy hamlet is a source of pride for residents—and an important point of distinction for visitors. Smack-dab in the heart of the Anderson Valley is the town of Boonville and home of Anderson Valley Brewing.

For owner Ken Allen and the brewery team, we wanted to capture the charm and quirkiness of the Valley, along with the fun that defines Boonville culture. After diving into research and strategy, we were able to capture that essence in the creative.

From subtle inside quips written in Boontling (the local folk lingo) - to our star Barkley the “Beer”, we were able to help discover and articulate what makes AVBC unique. The resulting work encapsulates the truly unique and left-off-center brilliance of what is now one of the biggest micro-breweries in the world.

Life and Branding