Welcome to the LAB Database


LAB believes that all branding should be based in research and analytics. To achieve our goal of being analytical thought leaders, we employ a full-scope research team including psychologists, sociologists and statistical analysts.

We also believe that collaboration is equally as important as intelligence. As evidence of our collaborative spirit we have begun to publish our research documents as open source.

Our research is divided into five major themes - Demographic analysis, Geo-target Research, Psychographic Studies, Ethnography and Historical Context. You can request specific data by emailing thelab@lifeandbranding.com or using our request form here.

IMPORTANT WARNING: All in house research and data is available on lifeandbranding.com with the exclusion of final analysis which is provided to our clients. However, this research is owned by LAB and should be appropriately referenced. Although we believe in free exchange we don’t like intelligence appropriation.


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