Reimagining Southern Hospitality


Project: Nashville Hotel
Services: Brand Strategy, Graphics, NAMING
Start Date: January 2019
Estimated Completion Date: 2022

In the last few years, Nashville has experienced the kind of growth spurt mayors of second cities pray for, which is why you’ve probably heard about its embarrassment of riches when it comes to memorable restaurants, pilgrimage-worthy coffee, and new-school bars all opened by innovative entrepreneurs who know a thing or two about Southern hospitality. Yes, you could build a whole weekend around a food and drink crawl, but you can’t come to this enterprising city without geeking out over the country music tradition here just a little (or a lot). We’d be lying if we told you could do it all in one weekend (nobody’s liver is that miraculous) but that’s okay—you’re going to come back again just in time to see what we’ve cooked up in Music City.